Of natural pools and puddles.

From the whimsical rocky forms and from the magical lava rivers that reached the sea, “puddles” arose that the tides and waves of the Atlantic fill every day, thus forming true outdoor swimming pools that leave no one indifferent. Here we tell you some of our best experiences!

In the first place, a little clarification of what we believe differentiates a “puddle” from a natural “pool”. While the former are completely formed by the whim of nature, the latter require human intervention.

Among the most beautiful puddles in the north of the island, we find Charco La Laja, which is on the banks of a charming town called San Juan de la Rambla. Although parking in the area can be difficult in summer, with a little patience and luck you can reach it without much difficulty.

Another one that we love is Charco del Viento, in La Guancha, which you arrive by car after crossing some banana plantations and along a narrow street. There is a place to park and from there you can contemplate how the water of the sea and the puddle play to mix all the time.

The natural pools that we like the most are in Bajamar and Punta del Hidalgo. In both places, you will find restaurants and bars in the surroundings to also enjoy some local delicacy. Recommended, if you like cakes and chocolates, stop at Café Melita, on the Bajamar road.

Always keep in mind that these pools and puddles depend on the tides, you may find them fuller or empty depending on the time of day and the time of year. And always, always, remember to take precautions when taking a bath there.

We leave you more information on this link the official tourism website of Tenerife.

Post and photo, by Daniel Chamillard and Feelathometenerife.

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